Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.
Welcome! If you need a copy of your head shot for audition purposes (the black and whites have been retouched) purchase a high resolution digital file in order to make as many 8x10 prints as you need. Contact me through this web site if you would like a) to have one of the color images retouched, b) to have a color image made black and white or c) you would like the image to include your name. Basic retouching is $12 per image. Adding a name is $10.00 per image.

If you would like a personal head shot session details are available under the "Portrait" "Pricing" tab.

Good luck with the show!

Digital Size Information:

High 2166x1600 px = 8x10
Medium 1024x256 px = wallets, 4x6, 5x7
Low 600x443 px = web use & computer slide shows

**Please contact ProPics for 16x20 prints which can only be made from the Highest Resolution image files.


What if I want prints?

If you are interested in prints, purchase the appropriate size digital file, then go to any neighborhood or online photo printing outlet to make prints with the digital image.

Will the copyright/watermark appear on purchased images?

The copyright/watermark will NOT APPEAR on purchased images.

What is the policy on usage of images?

Purchased images are for personal use only.